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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Woosh! The weekend flew by!

Friday night at 11:13 I was driving on Minnesota Highway 94 between the exits for Highway 15 and 24. My eyes were drawn to a bright light in the sky in front of me. I've seen "falling stars" before but never any this bright. 

It hit the atmosphere with a huge splash of light. It seemed like I was watching the flames flaring around the outer edges of the object. Then with a large and sudden flash it suddenly went dark.

Was it a random meteor?  Was is "space junk"? Did an alien aircraft enter the atmosphere and cause a brilliant flash of light?

I was 36 hours in Minnesota for the weekend:
14 hours sleeping
4 hours commuting from and back to the airport
5 hours running errands in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids
3 hours unpacking
3 hours to pick up the donkeys
2 hours to do laundry and repack
5 hours for breakfast, supper, taking care of animals, paying bills and other miscellaneous tasks.

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