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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 177 cotton experiment

Cotton Root
We have had frost several nights lately. The freeze warnings are getting closer.  I took a gamble. In everything I've read it talks about how the cotton plants dry before the pods pop open. We have had a fairly wet summer this year. Not a ton of rain but frequent.
Cotton plants hung to dry
When I pulled the plants out of the ground, it was still plenty moist. I decided to pull the plants before they froze and dry them in the warm basement.  Maybe they will continue the maturation process.
Cotton plant roots
BUT! What I noticed when I pulled the plants out of the ground was that the roots have amazing character! The stem and roots are a wood texture. I am hoping that they dry hard. Then we can trim them and use them for open air plants. That would be so cool!
Cotton Root close up - - many ideas!

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