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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Do cats get stuck in trees?

I arrived Sunday evening this week in Houston. For the first time I used the online check in. I had the opportunity to select my room. (I won't do that again unless I know the hotel.) I chose the 3rd floor because I didn't want to be in the top floors of a 26 floor hotel. 

My hotel room this week has a small balcony. I was in bed and a terrible, horrible, awful horn started blaring in the room. It was the fire alarm.  Be careful of the thoughts and words that you put out into universe.

At 11:45 I was heading to the stairwell.  We had been told to wait there for directions.  I made it to the first floor and no one came. The exits were locked. One marked alarm will sound .... there was no smoke so I went back upstairs and found out that it was a false alarm.  The fire trucks still came. I was watching them from my balcony when I saw the ghost cat!

In the daylight it turned out to be a plastic bag hanging upside-down. 

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