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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, October 12, 2015


October 10th I was the official photographer for my fifth wedding.  At one point I had considered being an official photographer. I love doing it but my nerves get the best of me. I encourage the bride and groom to have a back up.

Just over a week before the wedding, I had a dream that I forgot my camera. The backup photographer had shown up with a professional camera and I  ended up keeping track of the shots taken and making sure everyone was in the right place. What actually happened was at the last minute the backup changed. Amber came and yes, with a professional camera. (I remembered mine.)
Flags of Pride
Within a few minutes it was obvious that Amber and I were a good working team as photographers. We were finishing each others sentences, filling in each others concepts and staying out of each others way while we got pictures from different angles. 
Here are 6 of my favorite pictures: 
Flags of Pride made by Grandpa George 
High Five!
High Five
Bride's  choice: Bride's view
Brides Choice: Carried Away by Love
Bride's choice: Groom's view 
Groom's Choice: Your mine
Father of the bride 
Red Neck Wedding?
Covered Trigger Finger
It was only fitting since they had spent shells for booteneers that the father of the bride be hovering around with a shot gun. Between the two of us they had nearly 3000 photos to review and choose from. Congratulations and have a blessed life together. 

Celebrating Infinite

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