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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another excellent meal!

I always enjoy eating at Texas de Brazil by City Center in Houston!  I know that I am tantalizing you with this post. Before you eat, you need to sit and take in the atmosphere.
Bouquet over the salad bar
Tonight they had several very large beautiful red and pink bouquets which reflected off the mirrors with an artistic flair! I wonder if their color choice had something to do with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month?
Entry bouquet
Again this week, we were celebrating birthdays.  Our project managers birthday was last Sunday.  So we were celebrating a belated birthday for him.

Russ' Birthday Dessert
Next Tuesday, one of the guys from the customers side of the project is celebrating his birthday too.  So we decided to celebrate them both today.
Mike's Birthday Dessert
A trip to the salad bar was almost enough to fill me up.  I had a small amount of salad, some sushi, a variety of cheeses, green beans, mushrooms and cinnamon baked pineapple.  YUM!
A trip to the salad bar
If you haven't been to a Brazillian steakhouse before, they bring the meat around on large, long skewers. The servers come out of the kitchen with the long skewers and serve the meat directly from the skewers.  They will ask you how you like your meat and pick meat off the skewer that matches your taste.  Tonight they served bacon wrapped chicken, lamb chops, and several kinds of steak including bacon wrapped filet mignon.  When your little circle is green side up, it means they should offer you more meat.  Turn it to red when you are done or taking a break.  
Meats, a few bites at t time
We have eaten here before and although it is a little expensive it does always seem to be top quality food and excellent service.  An evening well worth the extra money.

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