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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My wool

This year Jeannie and I decided to take our wool to a different mill and have it spun directly into yarn.
I had the pure wool spun into a bulky yarn. The white comes from some Icelandic sheep. I bought two fleeces from a friend.
This grey is from by sheep. I know, i expected lighter too.  I decided to make a purse to match my new jacket. I started knitting 39 stitches for 8 rows. Then I made use of the circular needles and brought up the sides.
I bought a pastel fun yarn to blend with for about 12 rows.
My intention was to felt the purse. Felting shrinks the size of the purse.  Duchess helped me show the before size.
I washed it in soapy hot water with a cold rinse twice to felt it. Below you can see how the top and bottom pulled in a lot while the colorful section pulled in just a little bit.
Here is Duchess modeling the new purse. It might take 2 years to make the jacket but the purse is ready!
Here is a closeup of the felted purse. The knitting stitches blend together making it look like it was created with a heavy piece of felt.

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