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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Les Folies

10/3/2018 I was working at a client's on Kent Island and staying in Annapolis, Maryland.  One of my bosses favorite restaurants is Les Folies French restaurant. 
It is just a few blocks from the hotel.
French onion soup became a favorite of mine there.
My boss ordered snails for the group. I wasn't sure about it but how do you tell a boss no?
They were cooked in butter and garlic. There actually seemed to be more butter and garlic than meat in the shell. (I kept the shells.)
I had a steak and french fries.  I don't think that I ever ordered that again. 
Everyone had dessert soyes, I ordered a creme brulee.  It was a little too done in one small area but otherwise delicious!
The dalmatian mascot moved around every time that we were there.  

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