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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day, the first Monday of September, was created to celebrate the strength, prosperity and well being of the United States of America. That means all those people that work hard year round to make a better life for themselves are to take the day off and relax! Celebrate!

The reality is that over 25% of the people that can work in the US are not working.  The currently unemployment rate is 7.9% and just so that you know what that means, it is the people that have been laid off and are currently receiving unemployment wages.  The difference is that a significant number of people and families are off from the unemployment grid and still do not have jobs.  Some have take jobs that do not earn enough income to cover basic expenses but yet they make too much for county assistance.  They are the "working poor."  The section of people that are being covered up and ignored by the government. 

Labor Day started in the late 1800's.  Since then the country suffered the great depression and many recessions.  Ironically, the underlying cause of most of the depressions/recessions has been over-spending.  Going too far into debt.  Is it time that we begin learning from history and minimize our debt load?  We could start saving for things we "need".  It is amazing when we start saving for things that we realize that the thing we thought we needed are only wants.  Often times, wants that we can do without and still enjoy life. 

Maybe we should celebrate labor day this year by making a commitment to ourselves to balance the old way of living with modern conveniences. 
  1. Create a budget that allows for 10% Tithe and 10% savings.
  2. Live within that budget (adjust your wants/needs accordingly.)
  3. Pay off your highest percent loans first.
  4. Cut up credit cards if you are not paying them off every month.
Even if you can't do all the steps right away to free yourselves from that dangerous debt, start. Choose one thing to change and start today.  Only by ALL of us individually making a choice to relinquish our debt and use our money as cash can we really strengthen the economy! 

How did I spend my labor day?  I slept in then worked on my third book in the Goodwill Mystery Series.  Then Dale and I went out for a late breakfast and on the way home we stopped at a spot for the dogs to run.  I took another nap. Now I am going to make peach muffins.  I am enjoying my day off! 

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