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Friday, September 13, 2013

Conté crayons

Photo by Trisha Field
so CUTE!
I have been trying to be a good girl and not buy anything more for my arts and crafts until I organized my art studio.  BUT my sister was given an Amazon gift card to buy herself something that she could do while she relaxed after surgery.  She found these online and showed them to me.  I fell to temptation and ordered them.
Photo by Trisha Field
Don't you hate it when the boxes come in the mail crunched?  There are delicate pieces in here.  Tabatha's came broken.

Photo by Trisha Field
Inside looks okay - maybe.
 Look at all those colors.  Yes they were okay.  None broken.  I picked them up mid-day and it was so hard not to sketch until the end of the day.  So what are Conté crayons?
Photo by Trisha Field
 Conté crayons - 18 colors
As described by the company selling the  Conté crayons:
Used by the masters themselves - Picasso, Degas, Delacroix - for more than a century, Conté a Paris has been the brand specialist in pastel sketching and drawing.

Founded in 1795 by Nicolas Jacques Conté, Conté crayons are a unique blend of clay and graphite, thus making it finally possible to create different grades of harness for pencils. Nicolas Jacques Conté also invented the "Carré" which is made up of a blend of natural pigments, kaolin clay and graphite and is perfect for sketching and drawing.

Artists today have the option of choosing Conté's carrés, pastel pencils, sketching pencils, and charcoals to express creativity with many techniques and effects.
Carré's are a blend of natural pigments, kaolin clay and graphite which makes them perfect for  sketching and drawing.

An item similar to Conté crayons was actually my first gift that I was given from my parents at Easter time as a young girl.  It was not common for us to get Easter presents but this one year, we all four received a small gift by our Easter basket. Along with the round chalk like stick was a drawing tablet. That was sometime in grade school.  So what do I do with these?
Cell photo by Trisha
Flower (just playing with Crayons while riding in the van)
We went out for supper and I had to play with my "new toy" so I sketched a flower as I rode.
Cell photo by Trisha
My Jenny
When we got back from supper, I did a sketch of My Jenny.  Did I share with you a few weeks back we went to the swappers meet.  There was an artist there and Dale asked her if she would do a painting of the dogs.  I heckled him, "Really? You date an artist and you ask someone else to do a painting for you?"  I thought I'd better start practicing because animal proportions are very difficult.

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