Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where did the summer go?

Photo by Trisha Field
Fishing Kids at Goodner Lake

I can't believe that August is already gone!  I wonder if these kids are excited about school starting next week?  I know they were excited about going fishing despite the storm rolling in.  It stormed North and South of us and we got one-tenth of an inch of rain.  MORE RAIN PLEASE!

Photo by Trisha Field
Cold front coming in...
August was a busy month for us: two friend's weddings, the Molly B Polka Party, the Renaissance Festival, My Jenny slipping down a steep bank into deep water.  It was filled with good and bad as is most of our lives.

Confidential Stats
All time stats as of 3:00 PM Sept 1st
A couple of good outcomes:  My next book, "The Man I Was" is past the approval step of the typeset copy.  My Blog has hit an all-time high.  Welcome to all the new readers and Thank-you for everyone that shared.  Please, feel free to share any of my posts and pin any of the pictures that I post.
350 posts were read about the Renaissance Festival.  202 posts were read about the Molly B Polka Party.  The number of posts read in August was 68% greater than July.  August of 2013 is 17.4% of the total for all the months (one month is 3.7% of all the time.)  There were 770 more posts read in August than in July.  Again, thank-you for your continued readership.

Prayer request updates: My Jenny is doing wonderfully.  She is still playing in the water and enjoying it but only in places where there is a nice beach.  My heel healed up without any sign of infection.  I get cracked heals frequently but freaked out this time because it acted up the day after going down into the green, yucky water as I helped My Jenny get out.  My sister's surgery is scheduled for next Friday.  Please keep praying for her. 

Photo by Trisha field
Trouble Again - I hurt myself (or the dogs hurt me.)
My Jenny and Duchess were rough-playing in the living room the other night and bumped into me a couple of times.  My right ankle is swollen and hurts when I step down.  But after I walk a little bit, it feels better.  It is a little bit bruised (and a lot dirty - sorry).  Pray that it just got a little bit sprained and feels better in a few days. I don't like doctoring but at one point in the last 18 hours I did say, "If I didn't know better, I would say it is broken."  Being that the pain fades, I don't think it is that serious but your prayers are appreciated! 

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