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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday post 1 - Meet Misty Blue

Saturday was such a busy day that it is going to take me several days to tell you everything that we did.  These posts will NOT be in order.  We had a great day and it was what we needed after the difficult week that we had. 

Duchess has been having a big problem since losing My Jenny.  We don't know any dog psychologists or psychiatrists so we have been trying to comfort her as much as possible.  We've been talking the last couple days about possibly getting another dog as a playmate for her. Out of curiosity, I checked out the Internet.  There were several Dobermans at various ages for sale online.  I wrote down the two possibilities that I thought looked most promising.

There was a red/rust male about a year old at a shelter.  It already had it 's ears cropped and it loved to swim.  They also noted that it was very energetic.  All that sounded good.  I sent an e-mail and called.  They were in our path of travel today.  So we were hoping to stop by there.

The other ad was also in our path.  It had black/rust Doberman puppies 8 weeks old.  Now we were really looking for another red, but some breeders don't list the off colors if they have only one of the off colors because for some people if you have more than black it turns them off.  Also, blue, red, and fawn can often be sold word of mouth.  When we called, we were told that they also had a blue female.

Since Dale bought Duchess, he has been talking about also buying a blue female but three dogs in town were too much.  So we decided to stop by and take a look. 

Photo by Trisha
Misty Blue Field
Yes, we bought the blue female Doberman.  So far we are calling her Misty Blue.  Beulah was Dale's first choice.  One of my choices was Princess.  I teased him with "Sissy" and he thought I said, "Missy" and he liked it.  Sounded better than any of the other wild options that showed up during the day but by the end of it Missy changed to Misty and Misty Blue sounds like a description of her color.  Even though it is really a beautiful steel grey.

Duchess was spending the Day, Saturday, at her favorite kennel with Julie and one of her puppies from the last litter, Sonya.  So I called and they agreed to keep her overnight.  We will introduce them at a neutral location on Sunday.  UPDATE:

Photo by Trisha
Duchess and Misty Blue playing in a country park
The introduction went marvelous.  I picked up Duchess from the kennel home where she slept in the bed with Julie.  Dale met us at the "pioneer cemetery" or a country park near our town.  Duchess knew something was up when Dale got out of the passenger side of the van.  She ran past giving Dale only a short greeting and peeked inside the van window.  The window was down and Misty Blue stood up so they were nose to nose.  A few seconds of sniffs an then puppy kisses from both sides.  They played together wonderfully at the park.

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