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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Exhausted and touched

I am going to share my day backwards because when all was said and done, I was smiling as the dog food fell out of my suitcase. One of the dogs, I think Misty Blue, put dog food in my suitcase. Although it was probably by accident it still made me smile.
Gift from dogs
I was unpacking in my second room. When I opened the door of my first room, it didn't seem right. The desk chair was out of place and there were a few pieces of paper strewn across the room. I walked back to the bedroom and saw the beds in disarray.  There was only one folded towel in the bathroom.  .... that was 11 hours after leaving home for a day of travel.
Hotel Room at Check in
Hurricane Patricia was deemed to be the largest hurricane in recorded history when it hit landfall. By the time it passed over Texas it had downsized to a low pressure zone. But boy did it have punch! The last 45 minutes of the flight was reported to be "choppy". I guess that is code for heavy turbulence. I took several pictures from over the storm: the sun is always shining, this is what turbulence looks like, and a peak of a sunset. 

A peak of a sunset
The sun is always shining
This is what turbulence looks like

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