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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Time to plant tulips

I had dug up the tulips from in front of my old place. I didn't have time to officially count them but I am guessing that there were about 300. About a week before, I finished planting the tulip bulbs that I had purchased at a layover in Holland. I was diligently spending every minute after work planting flowers until the sun went down.  I was losing time every day. 
Dig a hole to plant
The last things I planted were the yellow and red tulips with some leftover Easter Lillies and some random daphodills. I planted the bulbs thicker than I should have.  They are in a flower garden under the flag pole. I can't wait until spring! I think in the spring I will scatter moss roses in between.  That will make a good spring and summer garden. 
Planting time

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