Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, October 12, 2015

May I scream?

Aaaahhhhhh!  Sorry,  I just needed to let that out.

Dale worked on Saturday.  I agreed to be photographer for my nephews wedding.  So Dale asked Dean and Shane to house sit with the dogs. (Which meant that I needed to get a spare bedroom ready.) They volunteered to help move boxes inside which was wonderful and exhausting all at the same time.

The back up photographer didn't make it. But it all worked out. I will share another day about Amber.

Dad and Pat stayed over after the reception.  The first floor spare room was set up for them. Good thing that we now have a five bedroom house!

Sunday we relaxed until after Dad and Pat left. Then the day fell to pieces in a lot of small tasks; laundry, dishes, clearing a pathway for the furniture coming today, and winterizing the pool. Southwest airlines had computer problems adding stress. Overnight the winds picked up to 45-60 miles per hour.

Monday came in with a vengeance! The electricians showed up by 7:30. The waterfall wall full of leaves and empty tubs that had been left by the table. We cleaned that up. Then I needed to finish packing. I calculated my departure time wrong. To make it worse, I turned the wrong direction going to the bank. Later, I was departing to the right and a man in a truck was entering from an off ramp.  He  felt it was more important to give me the finger than to merge properly. Road construction was everywhere. At the airport, I missed the checkpoint closed sign then at the other checkpoint I got behind a family traveling that didn't speak English and broke every airport rule.

I made it to my gate 20 minutes before boarding.  Whew! Too close for comfort.  It is amazing what an extra 15 minutes does for stress. :^)

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