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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Young and Old Dancers at Mollie B's Polka Party

All the activity lately has me a bit exhausted.  So I am not going to write much tonight.  Instead, I am going to share same favorite photos from the Mollie B Polka show last weekend.  I love people watching and these photos show the variety of people.  For still shots I hope that you can see the action (sometimes causing a blur in the photo.) From the long time dancers that danced perfectly to the young and new dancers who just did their best, it was a fun time watching and dancing with everyone there.

Mollie Dancing with the kids

The lady in Pink - adorable or what?

Almost embarrassing ...

Wheelchairs don't diminish the spirit of dance

Two retired teachers that Travel and Dance

Around the ballroom they go!

Twirling their partners
Some watch the band by the bandstand while this man steals a dance with Mollie B.

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