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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Faux Water Color

One evening, the ocean outside of the ship was so calm that the sunset as it reflected looked like a water color.  I had a difficult time choosing my two favorite views. 

At the same time I took so many photos because I had the desire to attempt to re-create the fantastic beauty that God had created by mixing together the harshness of the dark mountains along the edge of the calm sea at sunset as the wisps of clouds catch the setting sun with whites, pinks and greys in-front of a blue to golden backdrop.

Photo by Trisha Field
Sunset Reflections
Looking straight down at the sea by the edge of the ship, the clouds reflected back at me saying, "try this with your paints on a canvas".  At that point staring into the water was like walking the fine line between reality and creation.  I yearned for a canvas and paints while I know in reality that it will be many months before I have the time to meet the challenge that God has placed in my mind.  

Photo by Trisha Field
Water clouds
Will heaven look like this?  No, I don't think so.  I think Heaven will be 10,000 times more beautiful.  Think about it...  When all sin is gone and the only thing remaining is God's glory. According to the bible we can not look directly upon the glory of God.  So we will be looking at the reflection of God's glory on each others faces, in each others eyes and upon everything that our eyes see.

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