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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Terminal illness

All of mankind suffers from the same terminal illness;  life.  For as soon as we are born the only thing that is for certain is that we will one day be dead. The thing that we don't know is when and how.

My sister is home from the hospital and doing better.  She has a high tolerance for pain so when she says that she is feeling sore, I interpret that she feels like a horse just kicked her.

My father had surgery today.  He had several growths show up on a recent scan. They took a biopsy of one today.  The doctor told him he thought it was a different kind of cancer.  (He has had lymphoma for several years.) They will find out more after the pathology report comes back.

Please pray for my sister and father that the do what is needed to heal and be healthy.

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