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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Contrast by a Glacier

This photo was taken by Skagway, Alaska in the pathway to the Yukon Gold. It was taken on a partly sunny day with the specs of sunlight giving an extra dimension.  It is a good representative of the harshness that the men endured in their search for gold.  In the back you can see glacier with a line of trees in front of it.

The glacier melt is filling the pond that is the head of the stream which will eventually flow all the way down the mountain.  Although at one point in time, this water would have clear enough to dip your hands in and drink, there is enough dark patches from air pollution now on the glacier to leave it tainted.

Photo by Trisha Field
Davidson Glacier by Skagway

The evergreen trees along the bank of the stream are wind whipped in the harsh winter winds leaving them stripped of the green and stunted in growth.

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