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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mollie B Polka Party

This year we only went to the Mollie B Polka Party for one day.  Life has just been so busy.  We went on Sunday which is the last day of the event.  The Mollie B Polka party is on RFD TV.  If your cable company doesn't offer RFD TV, you might want to ask them to do it because they have some fabulous programming.  
Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B Dancing
Mollie Busta is a high energy musician that is keeping Polka Music alive.  She is the host to multiple "Polka Parties" across the country which are taped and played back as part of RFD TV's Mollie B Polka Party.

Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B Announcing the Band
Multi-talented, Mollie often jumps in by the request of the band to play keyboard with them on a song or two.  (As you look at these pictures, notice that she changed clothes at least three times in the one day taping.)

Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B playing Sax and Keyboards
Mollie is a member of the Squeezebox band.  When she is playing with them, she also plays the saxophone, keyboard, trumpet and sings.  

Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B Playing Trumpet
Mollie, along with all the bands she chooses to go on the show are entertaining in a variety of way.  There are different styles of Polka Music and old time music but that is not the only entertainment provided by the show.  In one or two more postings, I will show you some of the other entertainment.  (My favorite past-time: people watching.)

Photo by Trisha Field
Where does this woman get her energy?
Sunday was a short day at only eight hours.  I guess that it was too short because they added a band before the day started.  The very first picture with not very many people dancing was because they started playing about a half an hour before the day was supposed to start.  There wasn't any point in the day that Mollie looked like there was even a small amount of exhaustion.  

Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B is still smiling :^)
As for the other dancers, I can't say that much.  Many of them were obviously showing the fatigue of 4 days of dancing.  Amazingly, there was a large group that looked like Mollie and it seemed like they could dance for another four days.  Last year I danced a couple of songs.  This year I danced a couple of sets.  

Photo by Trisha Field
Mollie B is still Dancing
Maybe here is a good spot to tell my story.  I was bullied in Elementary School and High School.  Bullying is not a new thing in schools.  Kids have been cruel for years.  One of the bullying occurrences happened in gym class on the first day of "dance" class. We had just changed churches and I was publicly involved with a non-denominational Christian youth group and my parents in their wisdom wrote a letter the second day of class that it was "against my religious beliefs" and requested that I not even be in the room while the other kids danced.  We had been through the abusive situations before and the school was of no help.  My parents did what they needed to protect me.  As a consequence, I never attended any of my high school dances including prom.  
Photo property of Trisha Field
Picture Perfect
Some people pull inward from bullying.  I eventually learned to fight back. I think of it as my "I'll show you" attitude. I graduated at the end of my Junior year with top honors.  Many years after graduating, I worked with many of the bullies parents.  It was then that I realized that the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.  They were unhappy, bitter people that took out their negative feelings by bullying their co-workers.  I have long since left that job for a better company and a better position.  Today, I am a healthy, happy person who periodically gets to dance. 

Periodically, I run across some of the bitter bullies and they are still depressed, bitter people.  I feel sorry for them and I pray for them continually.  Only God can change them. In the meantime, I dance like no one is watching and enjoy myself!

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