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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Confusing the kids ...

After church today we had about an hour and a half to waste before the movie started. Tabatha, Becky, and I went to the movie "Arrival". While Becky and I waited we went window shopping at Mills Fleet Farm.
Classic Telephone
Fisher Price has come out with a set of classical toys. When I saw this old telephone, I wondered how confused will the children get? A few toys down they had the more modern day cell phone for children.
Kids cell phone
They also had the farmer says see 'n say. I'm not sure which of us kids had one of these but I remember playing it for hours. We pulled the cord out and it only pulled about 2 inches years ago ours went out at least a foot. The toy was also significantly smaller than the one we had as children. I wondered is it a case of when you're grown up things appear smaller? But no, I'm pretty sure it was really smaller.
See 'n Say

So how was the movie? Arrival is definitely a movie worth watching. It gets a little slow once in awhile. There are also parts that are a tad confusing. But when you get to the end all the strange pieces fall into place. This might be one that I need to watch a second time after seeing the secrets of the story line.

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