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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Story Behind the BIG Canning Day!

Sunday night my boyfriend asked if I had ordered the cherries yet. There is a Mennonite family near our place orders bulk foods. We've always been pleased with the cherries. But with fruit what you get could change every year.

We found the phone number and I called.  I reserved 2 cases of cherries (18# each) and a case of blueberries (12 pints). They offered me bing or rainier cherries.  I think I said somthing like, "I know what Bing cherries are." To which he replied, "we can show you the difference when you pick them up tomorrow."

TOMORROW!?!?  I did't reply to him that way but I sure thought it.  I quickly realized that I had created an emergency. Luckily, I was able to get a last minute day of vacation.  Sometimes the timing works out.  YEAH!

I got to the farm place to pick up the fruit. I found out about the other half of the story.  I had missed the original order.  That fruit arrived on July third.  But Sunday just hours before I called, they had received a call.  A truck driver was taking a load of New Jersey blue berries and Washington cherries to Canada. But the paperwork that he was given was the wrong paperwork.  They were called to see if they wanted to take more.  Since they ran out and before, they new they could get rid of them.

Thank you God for the wonderful blessing!  (I'm going to feel the pain from stiff/soar muscles for the next few days.)

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