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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Princess Dolls

A sweet summer memory of mine is visiting Grandma Stella on the farm.  One of her many loves was gardening.  I guess that was where I got my love of texture and variety in the garden.

Grandma was always good at making home made toys. In the summer we made these little one day dolls.  Any time the hollyhocks were blooming, all you need to do is pick a flower with a full stem (the stems are very short.) Then Pick a bud or seed pod with no stem. Poke the bud in the center with the tip of a scissor or knife. Carefully place the stem of the flower into the slit created in the bud. 

You know have a little doll dressed in a beautiful gown. Time to be a little girl again and play will my dolls.   ;^)

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