Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I drive Dale crazy because I take with SO MUCH stuff on the boat.  I pack a bag with water or pop, a bite to eat, treats for the dogs, a water container for the dogs, sunscreen, two umbrella's (shade for the dogs), a book, sometimes knitting or crocheting, my camera, my fishing license just in case I really decide to fish.  Everything except the kitchen sink or so he says.

He just doesn't understand that it is as much about relaxing as fishing for me.  I take care of the dogs (that means keep them out of his way.)  I also help to net the big fish.  Most of all, I get to relax.  If I catch a few fish that is just a bonus.

This weekend I was grateful that I had my camera with.  We were on Clear Lake and saw people taking off from a nearby park - parasailing. 

Fun in the sky
  Okay, Fun for someone but not me.  I'm not afraid of heights.  I fly small airplanes.  But I am afraid of my feet dangling in the air with nothing solid beneath them.  Other than that, this looks like it would be a blast.  I was told later that this person is visiting from New Zealand.  They definitely have a wonderful memory (and view) of Minnesota.

Parasailing on Clear Lake
  The spotters in the boat were keeping a close eye on the person harnessed into the parachute.

 The next few seconds the shoot will keep moving on as the person lands in the water (most of the time.) 

Parasailing at Sunset

We left the lake as the sun was going down.  I would imagine that they left shortly behind us.  What an absolutely perfect way to spend a summer weekend. 

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