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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Demolition Done and the new tub is bad!

I was surprised how the demo affected me.  It stirred up every allergy I had. Under the tub where it leaked, there was black mold growing.  That board was safely removed (not by me but by a friend with professional tools.)  The plumber recommended since everything was pulled out that we raise the base of the tub three inches. That will help the drainage and should stop the drain from freezing in the winter.  We added insulation in the three inch platform.

The new tub, not even fully out of the box, and I saw a two inch long marr.  I called the store. Luckily they had ONE left in stock and set it aside until I can get there tomorrow to exchange them. I am now 24 hours behind! 

I am sure you are curious about the tub.  It was not a joke. There was insufficient support under the tub. Foam was sprayed under but did not reach the section of the tub that needed the suport.  I'm glad I chose to follow my gut and replace the tub instead of repair it.

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