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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Our fore-fathers fought so that each person could be free from government oppression. Free from having the government dictate our religion to us.  Free to make our own choices!
It is time once again to fight as our fore-fathers did for our freedom from government and for our freedom of choice. In the past 3 years we have watched the government take over businesses. We are seeing our government mandate health insurance.  ...what will happen to those whose religion conflicts with doctoring or using insurances?
Did you know that health insurance in America is only about 90 years old? BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is only about 80 years old.  Ironically one of the reasons that health insurance was slow to take hold was that it was so difficult to access the risk.  An ill person could lie and get insurance then knowingly cost the company large amounts. How many times have you heard, "their doctor just gave them a clear bill of health" when a person is fighting cancer or had a sudden heart-attack.
At the very origin of health insurance, it wasn't considered a hands down successful proposition.  On the contrary it was considered too easy to fail. So the current government, in it's great wisdom decides to reform a sinking ship by adding more weight to it. 
I was five years without health insurance by my choice.  During that time, I learned a lot about treating illnesses using natural remedies.  Twice I went to a doctor and paid cash.  I paid more because I didn't have an insurance company to negotiate a "reasonable" cost. Do you know doctors don't like treating people on medicare because that definition of "reasonable" is excessively low.
Our government thinks health insurance reform means adding more weight to a sinking ship. We need health care reform. If I go to a doctor, I should get a discount for paying cash. Doctors need to stop practicing and start healing with low cost options. 
Will some people be lost along the way? Probably; but if you think Obama-care won't have people lost along the way then you have missed a lot about what this program is about.  People that have costly illnesses will go through such a long approval process that it will be too late before they receive the treatment needed to save their lives.  Infants and young children will be another group hard hit. A government agency will look into the possibility of the child's future and determine if they are worth it.
Will you be the one deemed too expensive to maintain? Will your child with a major or chronic illness not make it because of a government committees decision?
STEP UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM! FIGHT FOR LESS GOVERNMENT CONTROL! Let's make the founders of this country proud. Let's take control of our lives again! Let's pay off our debts and remember that we were founded as "One Nation Under GOD!"  Not under a god but under God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Stand up and fight!

Photo by Trisha Field
One Nation Under God.   Let's fight for our Freedom!

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