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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

New quilt

Last fall, I finished making dale a tumbling block quilt. A friend of ours who is a veteran asked how much it would cost to complete one for him. Dale offered to help by cutting the pieces. We finished 12/31/2018.
You need a light, medium and dark fabric each cut into a diamond shape to make the block. Dale didn't cut the pieces. Instead he ironed the seam at the Chevron stage.
I choose to sew the usung the Y stitch.  Ot makes it look l I'll ke a 3-D block.
The problem is at one intersection there is a 6-point star created. It is challenging to sew and get all of the points lined up.
Here is an update of a few rows completed.  Depending on the view, it looks like the blocks are rolling across the quilt. 
How much was done? The top (by the headboard) is complete and the width (sitting on the white roll) is also complete.  I was working steps across so that I could sew as many as possible before needing to stop and iron the seems open.
Squaring the edges is the most difficult portion of putting the pieces together. It is a different fraction of total square. 
To make sure that all the side pieces are in place, I put it on Dale's Kingsize bed.
The veteran that this is being made for has a brother and sister of Skyler.  So Skyler needed to try it out.
Dog tested and approved! Now to send it out for quilting. 🤩

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