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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Melting Pot

November 13th. Another catch up post.
Now this was a different type of restaurant.  It was a fondue restaurant.  
We started by choosing a cheese blend. They brought breads and veggies for dipping. 
Okay, we didn't fondue the salad.
But we were able to select a variety of meats.
They were served with veggies and dips.
It took a long time to eat but it was delicious. 
Another clean pot was brought infor dessert.  They mixed dark chocolate,  caramel and nuts as a base. (There were other options.)
They served up food appropriate for dipping into chocolate. 
Everything is better in chocolate!
We asked the waiter if they ever get sued by people burning themselves.  He said they did once in the beginning. They won the case on the grounds that a pot of liquid on a burner for cooking was hot. 

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