Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Knit/Weaving with wool

I learned something new in 2018.  I've had a knitting machine for a few years. But now I have learned how to blend acrylic and wool together i. A woven design.

It was challenging to get and keep the correct tension on the working threads as well as the project.  If the project isn't weighted down, it will get caught in the needles.
I carefully and methodically removed the stitches in the last row. The first and last rows take the longest. 
Periodically, the woven threads catch on the posts between the needles. No worries! I just weave them back into the work.
I also made a 20 stitch wide, 2 pattern tall swatch. I washed and dried the swatch. There was no shrinkage and the wool felted beautifully.  I will give the swatch to the mother so that she will know what to expect when she washes the baby's blanket. 
Ta da! I'm done.  All I need to do is catch up with the little cutie and give him his new blankie!

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