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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend harvest

This weekend I decided it was time to harvest the onions.  I am not sure when you are really supposed to harvest them.  But my rule is that when they are pushed significantly out of the ground, it is time to harvest them. In the picture below, you can see that the top third of the onions were out of the ground.  I plant the bulbs about 1/2 inch under the top of the soil.  Dale and Al plant them with the top at the ground level. 
Hanging Onions from the Harvest
Needless to say, my onions are larger than their onions.  But next year I might plant them just a little bit deeper.  I might have allowed them to grow longer but the greens had all been knocked over and several were drying up.  Dale told me that I needed to tie them together and hang them to dry.  I could only fit 6 in a bundle and that was overcrowded.  I have been using the onions for over a month now from the garden.  This is going to be delicious and fabulous for cooking!
Onions drying
I picked my garlic several weeks ago.  They are already dried but I haven't taken the time to clean them.  I was thinking about mincing them and combining them with coconut oil in the fridge.  I would use an ice cube tray to make them in usable sizes. The question is ..... Will I have time before I move?
Dried Garlic

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