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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feed the birds

As I pulled out the flowers that reseed themselves,  I must have sprinkled seeds onto the ground. I know that you can't see most of them but there are a dozen birds in the garden picking up seeds.  They blend right in with the dirt, dried stems and green plants still in the garden.  There is a hollyhock that is laying out onto the sidewalk.  Look just above those leaves and you will see a mourning dove.

Mourning Dove in center of photo
Two finches flew into the garden; a male and a female. They landed on the flower to the right of the Black-eyed Suzie.  From the distance it almost looks like another flower.  It's mate is sitting just a few branches away from it but totally blends in with the background.

Finch to the right of Black-eyed Suzie
They are difficult to see but there are two mourning doves in this picture.  One is at the far end of the sidewalk and the other one is still just above the hollyhock.  I stood outside in the cool of the morning and watched the birds enjoying their breakfast. Eat up little fellas we need to till all of this under in about three weeks.   
Mourning Dove on the sidewalk

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