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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1st Bloom at day 124! I may still harvest cotton

They are here!  The first bud has opened into a flower. It has beautiful pure white silky petals hidden deep beneath the canopy of large green leaves.  This cotton is supposed to create a green cotton.  So I was curious to see what color the flowers would be. 
Full Bloom (cotton flower)
When I took some recycling out in the morning, I checked and saw that a bud had started to open.  The tightly held petals formed a soft circle at that time of day.  The square that covered the bud is being pushed open making it look like a green flame lapping up against the while silk.
Blooming Cotton Flower
I stood for a few minutes and watched this bee crawl around within the newly opened flower. "OH WOW!  This is a new taste!  What is it?  Yum yum yum and to think that I am the only one that has found it."  The bee was going wild.  Despite the fact that the flower was tucked deeply into the flower and difficult for me to see, the bee found it easily and was very excited abut it's find.  I only saw one flower blooming.  So I wondered if the bee could pollinate the flower with it's own pollen. Maybe there were other flowers blooming tucked away out of my site?  
Happy Bee - Fresh Cotton Flower

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