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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tomato power

We weren't planning on packing and moving during harvest season. So we won't be canning this year.  This has been a blessing to several friends and relatives.  One of Dale's brothers canned a whole bunch of tomato juice.  Sunday we picked again and the harvest went half to a different brother a nd half to my sister.  She made salsa.
Not our largest tomato
Dale actually said, "I think that I need to stop growing tomatoes.  They grow too big."  Some of them were so big that they were hard to pick because they were pinched between the plant and the support cage. You might be wondering why I didn't take a picture of the biggest one?  Because we had so many to pick and it was everything I could do just to snap a couple of pictures.  The photo of all the plants only included about two-thirds of the plants.  Dale had already picked several before I got there.  
A large crop of tomatoes
This week we have a few nights into the low 50's and possibly 40's.  So I wonder how that is going to affect the crops.  It will warm up plenty in the daytime.  But it could slow the growth of the tomatoes and that concern also flows over to the cotton plants.  They are still blooming.  
Packed and ready for delivery

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