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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Found dogs ... bad neighbors

These two beautiful girls were returned home thanks to a chip that their people had put into them.  Their story is a scary one.  It starts last summer when their people had another dog stolen from their yard.  The man that lives next door was bragging about it to the people he knows.  Hearsay especially regarding a disappearing dog is overlooked by the police.
We're home!
After getting these two girls, their people put up a fence to protect them (just like me.) When the people came home from work, they let the girls out into the newly fenced in yard. But someone, the same neighbor(?), opened the gate and lured the dogs out.  When questioned the neighbor came up with a variety of stories that put him out of town.  But the story changed, and the dog's people saw him at home when she got home.  She was upstairs changing for about 5 minutes and the dogs disappeared. 
We are skinnier but we are home!
They were gone for 10 days.  The people called the police - who did nothing because "they were just dogs". A judge granted a restraining order against the unruly neighbor. At the bottom of the restraining order the judge wrote "return the dogs immediately".  So is it just a coincidence that just days later someone dropped the dogs off at a shelter about 20 miles North of town?  I don't think so.  I think that the nasty neighbors got caught.  I just wish that they would get punished for torturing these dogs and their people. 

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