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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

From white to pink

At lunch today I went out to check on the cotton plants.  After all, this is new for me.  I wondered if the flowers are like Day Lilies and Morning Glories that only bloom for a day or are they like Black-eyed Suzie that blooms for weeks on end?  When I peaked at the flower that was blooming yesterday, I was surprised to see that it had turned pink! A soft and delicate pink with white veins giving it a pin-striped look.  The bee knew!  It knew that it needed to pollinate this flower quickly because it was only going to be open for one short day.
Cotton Bloom Day 2
It was lunchtime and I took a few extra minutes to examine the plants.  That was something that I didn't do the day before.  I found another pink flower but this one looked like it was almost dried up.  When I moved a leaf to get a clear photo of it, the petals fell off and revealed a seed pod starting to form.  I regret to inform you that I was wrong.  The picture from yesterday was not the first bloom.  Within the day or two before my bold statement, a hidden flower bloomed that I did not see.  
Cotton Seed Pod starting to form
I am inspired!  I want to sit down and PAINT! In my mind, I can see a composite painting on a black canvas.  With a layer of the leaves and in the forefront the stages of the flower blooming and changing.  Although you would never see that in reality, in my mind it is the "Revelation of Hidden Beauty".  Remind me of that in a few years when I finally finish the painting! 

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