Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thinking out of the box

I found a display piece for my new air plants. (Thanks Hinterland Trading!) This is actually a necklace hanger but I saw the small loops in the metal and the fact that the top level can be moved up and down and I was intrigued. 
Open air plants on necklace hanger
As you rotate the holder around, you get very different views.  Doesn't it sort of look like an amaryllis? I will eventually fill the base with pretty stones so that as I water, the roots will stay out of the extra water that drips down.
Open air plants on necklace hanger
The goose container below belonged to my Grandmother Stella Field.  I think that it is supposed to represent "Mother Goose".  I had the tall air plants sitting in the back for awhile.  It looked nice.  But with the height of the new stand, I needed the height of the plants.  I chose not to remove the goose.  After all there is also a turtle there and a fairy off to the side.  
"Imagine Nation"
Move the characters around periodically so that the story in Imagine Nation can continue to roll!

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