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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cotton growing update Day 142

I continue to see new blooms every day. Yet at the same time, I am starting to see some of the seed pods grow. I was concerned with the cold weather we had last week. It was a good thing that I was so busy packing.  I did think that if I try this next year that I might build a hot house around the plants to quickly cover the row (or two) over night on the cold nights.
Cotton Plant
I have been keeping an eye on the first flower.  You know ~ the day that I found the pink one and then realized on the plant next to it there were petals falling off from a different flower.  
Yesterday's flower and growing seed pod
There are many seed pods beginning to grow.  But this first seed pod is that largest.  It is now larger than my thumb.  For those that have not seen my hands in awhile, I can also say the seed pod is about the size of a quarter if it was made into a ball.
Seed Pod #1
I have found it interesting that the "square" continues to protect or hide through the growth of the seed pod. As I check out the plants, there are so many squares on each plant.  Unless I carefully open the frilly ends of the square, I can't tell what stage each square is in.  It could be a bud or it could be a growing seed pod but I can't tell.  I guess that means it is wait and see.  I do have hope that I will see some cotton from my plants.  Today is day 142 which means 18 to 38 days on average remain. An early first frost for us could be here in 21 days.  It is going to be nip and tuck.
Seed pod still protected

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