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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And then there was ONE

photo by Trisha Field
Sister, My Jenny and Brother, Big Duke

The litter 3 puppies are now 15 weeks old.  We started with 11 puppies in the litter and they have all sold.  So why is there one left?  Because one family ended up on hard times and we bought the puppy back from them.  The welfare of the puppy and that it ends up with a good family that can afford to care for it is what is most important.  So we are back to one.  The difficult part is that there were several people interested in Big Duke that were turned away.

Photo by Trisha Field
Big Duke
Can you see the size of those paws?  He is going to be one big boy.  Titan from the first litter had whopper size paws and the last I heard he was 105 pounds.  Mama and sister (15 months old) are between 65-75 pounds. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Sit Duke - Good Boy!
The family that picked up the puppy today said that their vet cropped the ears only AFTER the puppy was done teething.  Because while they are losing puppy teeth and getting adult teeth that the too much calcium was being lost to allow the ears to stand properly.  That is so different from what we have ever heard from the many vets we have worked with in the past.  Usually 10 weeks is maximum. I am interested in seeing the results.    

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