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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 27, 2013

New Toy

I spent $25 on a new dandilion popper. It is about the length of a cane.  You place the center over the center of the plant and step down on a foot platform.  When you pull it up, it has captured plant, it's root, and a small plug of dirt.  Yup, that is the downfall. It leaves tiny wholes in the ground.

But it reminded me of what I was taught as a teenager.  At a Christian camp, they taught us that when we repent of our sins, it leaves a hole in our soul.  We should study God's word to fill that hole.  If you only go halfway, and create the hole, then you leave room for something worse to drop into your life. 

The dandilion popper gets part of the root. But, just like sin in our lives, sometimes the roots go very deep.  It may need to be cleaned up several times before it is totally gone.

The other side of the story is that a dandilion is a flower.  It self seeds and very prolithecally. Because it spreads so quickly, it is considered a weed. Yes, one definition of a weed is a flower out of place.  Equating the flower out of place to sin...

...Sin can look beautiful, make you feel good and not always be a sin. For example a glass of wine with supper is not a sin in itself. Getting drunk, serving a recovering alcoholic a drink, or if you NEED/must have a drink every day, turns it into a sin. 

Being I am talking about sin, this next paragraph is stated in Biblical terms and not legal terms.  Sex between a man and a woman, after marriage, is not a sin. Sex outside of marriage in any combination is a sin.  Many sins have become socially acceptable behaviors. Therefore it is politically incorrect to call them sins.

So my question for the evening is, "Is it more important for YOU to please God or man?"

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