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Monday, August 5, 2013

Firefighter's Water-hose Competition

As promised, here is a more in-depth description of the water-hose competition (also called water-ball competition.)  I remember my father participating in these competitions when I was a child.  Back then, they used a Hoppity Ball 18-22 inches that they would string on a high wire.

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Hoppity Ball
Caged Ball
The Watkins Fire department puts a ball in a cage.  That ball is strung on a tight wire between two dump trucks.  They carefully measure the distance to make sure that the wire is parallel to the ground. 
South Truck
 You can get an idea of the height of the wire by looking at the elevation and angles of the trucks.  It is fascinating watching them get the trucks and the wire into place. 

North Truck
A line is painted at the halfway point under the trucks.  Then a starting position is marked close to both trucks (at equal distances from the center mark.)
Center Spotter and North Team
A local fireman uses a long pole to spot the ball in the center over the center line.  The teams are made up of three people.  There were a couple of teams that were two fire-fighters and one wife.  Ironically two of the three top teams included their spouses. 
Husband helps his wife turn off the water.
The team members switch places.  So each person fills each position.  Front person aims the nozzle, middle person assists in keeping the weight under control helping aim and lineman helps move the bulk of the hose.  I could hear one person yelling "UP! Down! Waiver!" in an attempt to direct the team.
Up! Down! Waiver!
 You can get an idea as to what the firefighters were dealing with as they tried to hit the ball.  The water would swing it in a circle, shove it down the wire and sometimes run into the other teams water spray breaking their aim.
Both teams hitting the target!
Teams came from all over the county and possibly up to a thirty mile radius around our town.  Just like any competition, there was a bracket and the winners continued the competition.  Two out of three wins was an overall will.  Each team got a chance from North and South.  A win was achieved by passing the other teams start line with the ball or when the time limit ended having the ball on the other team's half. 
First Place Team from Kimball, Minnesota
 The top three teams!  Congratulations! 
Second  Place (Left) and Third Place (Right)
both teams from Litchfield, Minnesota
I hope after seeing these pictures and reading the descriptions this competition makes more sense to you.  Don't worry too much about the water; after all if your house was on fire wouldn't you want one of these firefighters working to save your home?

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