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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, August 2, 2013

May I sleep in please?

Duchess and My Jenny usually get up at the same time that we do.  Then within an hour they find a new spot and lay down.  I keep my house in the mid seventies or warmer in the summer.  Duchess must think it is too cold because she keep getting under the blankets.

Okay, not totally by herself. I see her taking her nose and pushing the blanket. I get up lift up the blanket. She lays down and I cover her up.  She has me well trained. 

This week I have heard strange noises coming from my bedroom. When I walk in there she is standing in the middle of the bed with all the blankets pushed to one end. I get the "I didn't do it" look. After resetting the lower blanket, she lays down and I need to tuck the upper comforter around her. Yes, she does have me very well trained.

Cell Photo byTrisha
Duchess snuggled under the blanket.
I know that I'm just the people; but may I sleep in please?  Saturday morning would be my day to sleep in but the parade starts at 10:30 AM.  Dale thinks that he needs to start getting the float ready at eight.  Oh well, what is that saying? "There will be time to sleep when I'm dead."

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