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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Aerial views

This is my favorite part of flying .... seeing the views from above!  We were lucky and it was a fairly clear day. There is always the complication of trying to take photos out of the window of an airplane.  They are never quite clear enough, fog up easily and reflect all the wrong things. That doesn't stop me, I do my best to catch interesting photos.

The Scorpion
This trip I gave up my window seat to my sister.  I also gave her my camera.  She did an excellent job capturing pictures.  My auto focus on my zoom lens was acting up and she had the pleasure of manually focusing the lens. :^) She did a great job!

Large Scale Terraces
With so many mountains in Nevada around the desert areas, it is difficult to identify what you are looking at through the windows of a commercial airliner. I suppose that people who know the are well enough could easily identify the various landmarks.  To me they are all beautiful in their own way.

Interesting colors and textures
The bible tells us of Noah and the flood that covered the world. Looking down at the interesting colors and textures in these pictures it is easy to see that this area was under water for a considerable length of time.

Dry River Bed
We kept seeing more and more red in the rock formations.  With my camera lens not cooperating, it was difficult to capture they dynamic color with the camera. From above, you can easily see how the terrain changes quickly.  

Edge of Red Rock Canyon

I think that I have just added one more thing to my bucket list.  The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area.

Red Rock Canyon

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