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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Glitz and glitter

As we walked home, we often walked through the Cosmopolitan.  True to it's name, it is full of glitz and glitter.  Sometimes glass and fake gems actually glitter more than real gems.
Glass Tree
The designer went out of their way with the placement of lights to achieve the largest amount of glitter possible from the glass and crystal decorations designed for the Cosmopolitan.

Crystal Curtains
I hate cleaning!  So when I see all these strings of crystal beads hanging like curtains from the ceiling, I couldn't help but think, "How do they keep that so clean that it continues to sparkle?!?"  

Crystal Décor
I admire the many artisans that created the glitz and glitter that make up the décor at the many hotels and casinos.  The combination of color, texture, and lighting all add to ambiance that these artisans have created.
White and Gold ribbons
I have seen live models before that stand amazingly still.  Not this girl.  She would pose for a minute or two and make a dramatic change.  Then she would hold that pose for a minute or two and move.  I thought that was an interesting way for a live model to handle her assignment.  But then again, in the visually and physically busy hotel and casino, she probably needed the movement in order to be seen by those people walking past.

Live models

What caught my eye from outside this store and when walking by inside were the walls and windows full of antique sewing machines.  The basic and simplistic design of one of the first mechanical sewing machines created a beautiful contrast to the modern day sparkle that has been created by the fashion industry.  Irony at it's best.
Antique Sewing machines in Mass

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