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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 10, 2015

This too shall pass!

It is not unusual in Minnesota to have snow showers in April.  But it is still a bit depressing. Early this morning, I glanced out my window to see snow flying.  An April fools joke from nature?  No, just a rain shower on a cold morning.  But none the less a bit disturbing.
Snow Showers, Friday 4/10/15
The wind was pretty heavy so it was difficult to get a good picture with my cell phone.  The long strings are individual snowflakes.  They were the BIG, fluffy kind which are really many flakes stuck together.  Well I guess if you are a flake, it is best to be stuck around others that are flakes too. 
Snow showers flying fast and heavy
Dale called to tell me it was snowing in St. Cloud too.  So the girls had to go outside to see if he was coming around the corner.  Duchess just stood, staring up at the snowflakes with confusion or disgust, I am not really sure which one.
Duchess is confused
When it was all done, there was a trace that had stuck to the ground. Within fifteen minutes, the sun came out.  By noon it was 100% melted and the roads were dried off. They are promising that we are going to have a weekend of fabulous weather! I guess the sunshine is giving me hope that they are correct. ....and wow! Two posts in one day.  But this one would not wait.  What can I say? It wouldn't make sense posting it tomorrow. Have a great Friday!
4/10/15 just a trace and gone by noon

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