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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strange faces in strange places

On the way to the Grand Canyon and at the Grand Canyon, I saw these faces in the rocks. The first two pictures are the same formation from slightly different angles.  There is a halo at a bit of a tilt on top of a face with a mustache: Angel with a mustache.  (Look just above and to the right of my .com)
Angel with a mustache

As I said last night, I am encouraging you to share these photos on Pinterest or Facebook.  Also, look through the picture.  I saw the angel but maybe there are other things that are hidden in the caves and foliage on the side of the mountain?
Angel with a mustache
How were the Grand Canyons formed?  By aliens of course!  Look, there is still part of a statue that they left behind.  (Since sarcasm is difficult to tell in writing I will tell you that I am being sarcastic.) But doesn't this rock formation look amazingly like an elongated triangular face?
Alien Face

As we drove around this mountain range, I noticed that the series of mountains looked like a view of a frog face if you were looking up at it from below.  
Frog Face
Having just watched the latest version of the Hobbit with all the Dwarfs, I must have had Dwarfs on my mind at the Grand Canyon.  If not for the shadows, the face of the Dwarf would blend into obscurity.  He has inset eyes a bit of a flat head and a mustache and beard that run into each other.  
A dwarfs face

The top of the mountain (or what is left of it) stands out in a lighter color stone.  It reminded me a bit of "Marley" the ghost with his mouth dropped open.  Or I guess it could be a hairless person yelling "OH! NO!" with the mouth open in that oval shape of fear and fright.  
Now that I've taken you through some of my unusual sightings.  Take a step backwards and see the pictures for what they really are which is the beautiful creation from God!  I know that photographs do not begin to show the immense size and beauty of the Grand Canyon. If you haven't been there to see them, this is a must do for the bucket list!

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