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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The delivery came!

I had ordered several things from Gurneys this spring.  The last part of my order was the living plants. I knew that they were due any day. I've been pushing to get the new garden areas ready before they came. 
The delivery came!
I had the gardens done enough to plant the new flowers.  In the North West corner I planted a dwarf cherry tree that is supposed to get about as tall as the fence.  Before I was done planting Misty Blue and Sonjia tried to dig up the tree.  They got yelled at and ran to hide. I hope it isn't a sign of what is to come.  They have not been big diggers in the past.
Cherry Dwarf Carmine Jewel
As I was digging up the area where the "mock entrance to the bridge" will be, I found these two cute turtles under the grass.  Yes, the grass had grown over top of them. What a perfect gift!  I am hoping to have enough time tomorrow to finish the area under the bridge and drop it in place before the weekend rain starts.  You will get a finished picture once the bridge is down and you will see the total picture.  The turtles are such a perfect addition.  I couldn't have chosen better myself.
Diamond Ornamental Grass and Zebra Grass
I have always wanted to have decorative grass that grows 4-7 feet tall.  This will be the perfect spot for it.  Sonjia was keeping me company as I was working.  I was trying to get good pictures but she insisted on being right under my feet.  She is grandma's girl.  
Sonjia was trying to help with the gardening
On the South East corner of the yard will be my blue berry bush.  I am hoping the acidity level will be okay that close to the evergreen tree.  From what they said in the order book, it should be okay.  I had to plant this a little further away from the corner because with the privacy guard in the corner, the bush would not get enough sunlight.  
Ka-Bluey Blueberry
The plants made it into the ground okay.  But not all of the boarders are completed and the dry river bed under the bridge is still in need of being dug out.  I have tomorrow afternoon off hoping to complete it. It is supposed to rain Friday and either Saturday or Sunday. (I have heard conflicting reports.)  IF I finish, I will post pictures.  Otherwise you will be waiting with me until I finish it.

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