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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Paths along the Grand Canyon

There was a handicap accessible walkway that went along the side of the Grand Canyon.  There were points where there was a split between the handicap accessible portion and a walking path.  The difference was that the wider tar covered walkway was more distance from the edge of the canyon.
Handicap accessible walking path
The man-made paths are designed and maintained with perfect harmony to the natural surroundings.  The path beckoned us to move forward and continue on.  There was a time limit on us.  It was difficult to stop and turn around.  We just wanted to continue forward and see more of the views.

Hello there!  Come on around!  :^)
I actually had to stop, turn around and go back to where I had been to capture this shot.  The tree on the side of the canyon wall throwing it's branch up and over the path creating an upper edge to the frame.  While the symmetry of the path flows along with it at the bottom of the frame.  Tucked carefully in between was the majesty of the Grand Canyon.
Curve to the right
In order to keep the walkway safe and secure they are carefully (and it looks like with a lot of labor)built out of rocks and stones that look natural to the area.  Carefully, they have re-planted trees and shrubs keeping the natural look around the pathway. A fabulous job has been accomplished making the Grand Canyon tourist friendly while maintaining the natural beauty of the area.

The safety of a retaining wall

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