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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eagle watching

Here is a post away from my recent trip.  I am not sure if I was watching them or if they were watching us.  When I got to the part with the dogs, there were two eagles sitting high in the trees at the edge of the lake.  Of course the only camera that I had with was my cell phone!

Two Eagles at lakes edge
I walked along the edge of the creek on the opposite side of the park while the dogs ran back and forth like crazy.  At one point Sonjia stopped directly under the eagle closest to us and stared up at her.  At no time did any of the dogs bark at the eagles which I thought was unusual.  Because normally they bark at any other animal that they see.

Eagle Eye

I walked along the beach until I got directly under this eagle.  I stayed in a position that it could easily see me.  I was spending a lot of my time watching the dogs and expected that at any time when I looked back to the eagle, that it would be gone.
Eagle in flight
My mistake was that I started walking away from the edge of the beach.  I think it was more difficult for the eagle to see me.  It finally took off.  My cell phone is slow to react.  Sad to say, this was the only really good flight photo that I got.  I hope that you agree for a cell phone picture it is amazing!

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