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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Art in the street

This was amazing..... Downtown Las Vegas (the original Strip) there was a street artist working with spray paint and templates they created these beautiful paintings. They were working very fast. I couldn't tell if the templates were plastic, cardboard, tagboard or what they were.  It appeared to be a rectangular piece that they used for masking and spraying against then using as an application tool. 

Spray Painting of Vegas Strip

This one was sold before it was put down on the drying block. I wanted to purchase one. Not that I have the place to display it at home.  My walls are full of paintings and photographs that I have done myself.  I resisted but barely!
Street Artist at work with Spray Paint
I was glad to see that the artist was wearing the appropriate respirator.  When we ended up down wind of the presentation, I wished that I was wearing one too.  For those that weren't interested in purchasing a piece to take home, the bucket was sitting on the edge for donations. There were many "street artists" singing, drawing, painting, or just dressed unusually for photo opportunities that were ready to accept donations.

Tony Vegas in Downtown Las Vegas

If you are interested in the artwork that you have seen in this post, you can order it online. If you are in Vegas, you can see the performance evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday under the canopy in Downtown Vegas.  
Howling to the moon!

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