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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Circular Sock Machine

Okay here is another post away from the Nevada trip.  I have some Grand Canyon pictures to post yet but I thought this was important.  I have one more unrelated post before I go back to the Grand Canyon posts.

Showing off newly finished headband
Saturday I stopped by The Rocking Horse Farm and crashed the "Spring  CSM  Gathering"  (Circular Sock Machine). I arrived during their "show and tell time." It was a good introduction for me to see the projects that people had done. 
Newly finished headband made on circular sock machine
The most common was the headband. Other projects included the traditional socks, open finger mittens and scarves. The "old style" knitting machines went out of production in the 1920's but similar machines are back into production again.

Circular knitting machine
Once set up it is as easy as turning the crank on the side to begin knitting.  Keep an eye on your work so that you don't drop any stitches. There is a spot to adjust the tension. Adjusting the tension is like a hand knitter using different size needles for the different weight yarns.

Starting a new project
I learned about creating a bonnet that is used over and over again for creating a quick start to the projects. Then they use a different color in between the projects. You can string several projects together as a time saver.

Ribbing attachment added
Most of the machines were set up for straight  (or should I say circular) knitting. One woman had a ribbing attachment added to her machine. It would give her the effect of knit one pearl one also called ribbing. 
Working the heel
There were several people working on socks. I was lucky enough to see them work the corner. I have knit a pair of socks with 5 needles and the heel is difficult as you set aside stitches. Pulling the hooks up on the machine stops them from knitting  (sets them aside.)
Two friends learning together
These two friends purchased a machine together. Good idea! I have found that two brains are always better than one.
Marking your spots for the heel
They shared their trick. They had puff paint sitting off to the side.  They used the puff paint to mark key points of the heel.  The room was filled with passionate knitters.  Some of them had just recently purchased their machines and others were expert knitters.  It sounded like there was every level in between.  What was in common was their passion!  It is contagious!  (Don't be surprised if I find one to purchase soon.)

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