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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Thought provoking ...

Last Saturday I was grocery shopping when  a woman walked by that caught my eye and my curiosity.  I wondered, "what was her story?"
She was shorter than me and wrapped in multiple layers of clothing. That isn't totally abnormal in Minnesota but I  couldn't actually see the layers of clothing but there was something awkwardly strange about her clothing.
Her coat was many sizes too large and it over emphasized the fact that her body was skin hanging on a skeleton. Her wrists and ankles were the skinniest that I had ever seen. My heart went out to her.
What was her story? Did she have a medical issue that kept her so thin? Was she taking illegal drugs? I ended up in line behind her. She didn't buy much but what she had was party food.  I started some small talk and asked if she was hosting a Super Bowl party.  She mentioned that it was her daughters 2nd birthday party that she was stalking up for.  She used an EBT card  (previously called food stamps.)
Then my heart really went out to her because she looked like she was in her late 50's or early 60's.  Whatever was affecting her weight had also prematurely aged her.
On a different topic, the days are getting longer. Hurray! I actually got to see the sunset tonight and it was beautiful.  I think that it is amazing how beautiful sun dogs are too. Those indicators that colder weather will be here tomorrow. God has a sense of humor.  He has to in order to create something so beautiful to say that it is going to be terribly cold tomorrow!
A beautiful Sunset
Sun Dogs

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